Web/Email Marketing: Global Security Institute

“I have known Mary Wald for close to two decades through her work with the Nobel Peace Prize laureates. Knowing her skill on the Internet, I asked her to help upgrade Global Security Institute’s communications…

“Mary and her team have a rare combination of serious technical expertise, honed and proven marketing skills, and the artistry needed to get our message across in an uplifting, yet very clear, presentation. She is bringing Global Security Institute’s communications up to a new, exciting level, which increases our impact on the world.”

Jonathan Granoff

President, Global Security Institute

Mary Wald and Associates was retained by Global Security Institute (GSI) to revamp and upgrade its online communications.

The work has included redesign of the organization’s website, a personal website for its President Jonathan Granoff, and organizing GSI’s substantial archive of documents, letters, articles and videos into a searchable library about nuclear disarmament, reaching back to 2004.

Mary Wald and Associates has created the organization’s YouTube channel, and added video galleries on two of its web sites, created new templates for email communications and newsletters, and are currently in progress on consolidating identities of supporters, allied and colleagues into a FileMaker Pro database to streamline communications.

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